Enhancements & Decor

Package Enhancements

♦ Open-Air Photo Booths

$800.00 (4hrs) Includes:
1 Table Of Props, 8'x8' Backdrop, Unlimited Photos & USB Drive

♦ Enclosed Photo Booths

$900.00 (4hrs) Includes:

1 Table Of Props, 8'x8' Enclosure, Unlimited Photos & USB Drive

♦ Intelligent Lighting

$350.00 (programmed lighting includes horizontal truss setup)

♦ Up-Lighting

$400.00 Small (8-10 fixtures)

$750.00 Large (full room up to 20 fixtures)

♦ Room/Area Ambient Colored Lighting

$400.00 (4 Truss Totem System)

$750.00 (8 Truss Totem System)

♦ Market/Bistro Lighting

Pricing varies

♦ "Dancing On The Clouds" 

$300.00 (dry-ice First Dance enhancement)

♦ Personalized Monograms

$150.00 (stationary)

$300.00 (animation)

♦ Custom Stage Truss Structures

Pricing varies

♦ Co2 Jets

$750.00 (includes Co2 tank & 2 jets) 

♦ Custom DJ Booth/Setup

$100.00 Wooden Rustic Facade

$100.00 Wine/Whiskey Barrel Flat Top Booth

$100.00 Rockstar Energy Booth

Elaborate Designs With STYLE!

From a detailed planning process to an ending "WOW" factor for you and your guests, our team of trained professionals are ready to turn your visions into reality! Contact us today to find out how we can add just what you're looking for! 

Decor Options

♦ Mirror Balls (clustered or scattered)

♦ Pipe & Drape

♦ Ceiling Drapery

♦ Market/Bistro Lighting

♦ "LOVE" Marquee Letters

♦ Paper Lantern Designs

♦ Architectural Lighting

♦ UV (blacklight) Lighting

♦ Table Highlights

♦ Landscape Lighting

♦ Tent Lighting


♦ Fairy Lights

♦ Greenery

*Additional services can be provided upon request


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Dancing On The Clouds
Dancing On The Clouds

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